But remember the

LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability

to produce wealth,

and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to

your ancestors, as it is today.

-- Deuteronomy 8:18 --


Below are some policies and conditions.


1. PHOTOS: As you know the ad rates we charge along  with photo services are priced very low as we would like everyone to be able to participate. However, the photos are only for use on Shop South Shelby.


Any request for photos outside of it's normal intended use is appreciated (we are assuming you liked how we presented you!). However any photos beyond use on Shop South Shelby will be charged our normal fees. (Note: downloading the web version directly off our web page for our client's use only is allowed.) Please use the form at bottom of this page to request your photos.


2. RENEWALS: These fees are not automatic renewals.

Enhanced Pages: Renewed annually.

Coupons: Renewed quarterly.

Ads: Renewed quarterly.


3. APPROVALS: We reserve the right to approve / disapprove with any submission (listing, ad, coupons, photos, etc...) in regard to their content or their "look". Keeping a family friendly genre is our goal.


4. OWNERSHIP: is owned and operated by New Leaf Design ( All payments should be made out to NewLeaf Design.


5. TRAFFIC: Our traffic is growing. Advertisers may request information regarding our traffic volume.

NOTE: We report UNIQUE VISITORS not HITS. This is important as HITS only states how many items were downloaded. UNIQUE VISITORS is more realistic and honest showing the near true number of actual people who have visited our site during any month.


6: EXPOSURE: We want businesses to thrive in our area. But with any advertising, we cannot guarantee your results in any advertising campaign. We can only strive to give you the best possible exposure of YOUR message to our readership. Thank you for your business and here's hoping  success on your ventures!