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Blue Rock Grooming
and Kennels



Blue Rock Grooming and Kennels, located in Chelsea, AL is owned by Barbara Vaughan who has over 20 years of experience in the grooming business. She enjoys giving individual attention to each furry friend, taking her time and  helping each one be relaxed and not stressed. She wants to develop a relationship with each of her pet “customers” and especially wants them to trust her. She looks at each one as her own “work of art”.


Blue Rock uses an excellent line of natural botanical shampoos as well as medicated, flea & tick, moisturizing, protein, along with rinses and conditioners. All grooms include ear cleaning and plucking, cut or buff nails, express anal glands and a teeth treatment. Your pet will smell as clean as it looks!


Along with grooming and bathing services, Blue Rock offers doggie daycare and cage-less boarding exclusively for our customers.


Special Note:

BLUE ROCK GROOMING was originally named after Barbara's stud dog "Rocky" but it actually has a much deeper meaning. In the Bible, the color "blue" was used to help the children of Israel remember God's law (Numbers 15:38-40) "Rock" is God (the rock of our salvation Psalms 103:18:2) BLUE ROCK means: Remember to obey God!


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