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Animal House

Dr. Becky Senicz, veterinarian and owner of the Animal House in Harpersville, has been in business for 16 years. She wanted to become a vet because she's always felt a deep connection to animals, and wanted to use some of her own ideas about how to best serve them. She started her own clinic because of those ideas: taking more of a preventive, maintenance approach to pet healthcare (instead of waiting until an illness develops); working with as many pet owners as possible to accommodate their needs for taking care of their pets; using more natural, alternative methods; and making pets and owners feel more comfortable taking good care of their pets.


Animal House provides many natural supplements, preventive care, and therapies such as laser therapy for healing. Currently veterinarian, Dr. Elizabeth Rush (board certified) is working with Dr. Senicz and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in treating ALL kinds of exotic animals such as birds, snakes, reptiles, kangaroos, lemurs, wildlife, etc.


Dr. Senicz's biggest hope is that more pet owners will come to realize that THEY are ultimately responsible for the care of their pet and they should understand this BEFORE obtaining a pet.


"We love them all at Animal House and never enjoy seeing any of them suffer, especially from lack of good care.”

——  Becky Senicz